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Share the Love #1 February 16, 2011

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This past weekend for Valentine’s Day, the small group that my husband and I lead spread a little cheer at a local retirement home. A couple of the college girls in our group got together with their friends and made homemade Valentine’s for the residents. We played Valentine’s Day Bingo and sang/played a variety of musical tunes. One of my favorite moments was when my husband Billy called out “boyfriend” as a Bingo word, and one of the ladies sitting up front asked him if he wanted to be her boyfriend. So precious! Caring for others truly is my passion. Thanks to my small group for helping make this special day happen! I hope this is the first of many opportunities we have to Share the Love of Christ to people in a tangible way.

Check out some of our pics.


A day in the life of a Wade volunteer… June 29, 2010

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What do Applebee’s, crazy 80’s songs & a bunch of Wade volunteers have in common? This past weekend around 20 Wade Center volunteers chose to become servers, hosts/hostesses, dishwashers, etc. (instead of sleeping in) during our Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast in an effort to raise money for the Wade Center. I absolutely loved the enthusiasm and hard work of our volunteers… I think major credit is due to the constant flow of 80’s music (which some people knew all the words to… ahhem, Jennifer & Tanner Cline!) that was bumping out of the restaurant’s speakers. My husband Bill and friend Tanner kept the kitchen upbeat with their hilarious dance moves and karaoke! I wish I would’ve had my camera.

If serving breakfast wasn’t enough, some of our faithful volunteers headed over to our carwash fundraiser. I am so grateful for everyone who gave up a portion of their Saturday to serve. You guys are awesome!!


Let them know. April 27, 2009

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Hanging out with Sevenglory before the show

Hanging out with Sevenglory before the show

Enjoying the show with my cousin Rachel

Enjoying the show with my cousin Rachel

Sevenglory takes center stage

Sevenglory takes center stage

Fred rockin the Lost & Found sunglasses

Fred rockin the Lost & Found sunglasses

I just want to say that I love my life. I’ve gotten to experience so many things that I never dreamed a small country girl like myself would be doing. This weekend I got to hangout with a great band called Sevenglory. Great group of guys who are down to earth, funny, love Jesus, and are just genuinely interested in getting to know you. One of my favorite bands we’ve ever had at Wade!

As some of you know my man Billy Whitt is the awesome worship guy that amazingly coordinates these types of events so that we can have awesome experiences like the ones that went down this weekend. Let me tell you… I had a great time! I know Billy’s run ragged from all the planning, but I really enjoyed it! I feel guilty for saying that because he doesn’t always get to experience these things from my side. Most of the time I get to sit back and relax and enjoy the show (helping when needed), but for the most part I get to be one of the fans while he’s being the master mind behind it all. So today, I want to give him props for all his hard work! We often take for granted how much time and effort our leaders and volunteers (like the awesome cooks, etc.) put in to making an event run smoothly and seemlessly.

Make sure you show your appreciate to the leaders and volunteers in your church and community!


Benefit Bash! February 23, 2009

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This Friday, February 27, 2009 at 7 PM there will be a Benefit Bash at Gary Bowling’s House of Art in Bluefield, WV. I mentioned Gary’s gallery in an earlier post. Tickets are $50, and the bash will help benefit the Wade Center (a non-profit organization that focuses on mentoring the youth and helping the community of the Greater Bluefield Area). I think this will be a fun evening with lots of entertainment, food, dancing, a live band, etc.  Billy and I plan on attending  so come find us if you happen to make it to the bash. Click Here For More Info and Ticket Pricing