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Musica Urbana January 27, 2011

Filed under: Entertainment,Exercise,Inspiration,Zumba — Jessi @ 3:36 pm

Recently, I started going to Zumba at my local community center with my friend. If you’ve never been and wonder what it’s like, it’s really, really intense dance-type exercise to latin/pop music or Musica Urbana, which I now listen to at home when I need cheering up. In my opinion, it is UH-Mazing! My instructor mentioned that doing Zumba for 3 hours burns about 1500 calories. Whew, now that’s a workout! That’s like a whole days worth of calories! One of my goals for 2011 is to lose 10 lbs so that’s gonna be a whole lot of zu Zu Zumba-ing. Oh, and did I mention that I have two left feet so I may just improve my rhythmically challenged self in the process.

*Funny side story –  I once slept-sang (not an actual word) in my sleep. I went to Zumba one night, and afterward, I went home and fell asleep. Bill came running in the bedroom because he heard me loudly singing some Enrique Iglesias song that I had just Zumba’d to. Did I mention I was asleep while all of this was going on?! Hence the made up word slept-sang sort of like slept-walked, but instead of walking in my sleep, I was obnoxiously singing in my sleep.