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Butterfly in Hiding October 17, 2011

Filed under: Inspiration,Nature / Landscape,Photography — Jessi @ 12:35 pm
Butterfly in Hiding by jessiwhitt
Butterfly in Hiding, a photo by jessiwhitt on Flickr.

A few weeks ago, I went on a photo walk in Tradition, FL with other photographers in the Port Saint Lucie area. I captured this little beauty by happenstance. I thought the yellow flowers popped next to the greenery so I started snapping away, and when I looked at the digital display on my camera, I happened to see not only beautiful yellow flowers, but also a gorgeous butterfly in hiding. It was camouflaged so well by it’s surroundings that I almost missed it. It wasn’t until my camera zoomed in with it’s telephoto lens that I was able to see a clearer picture. It’s a lot like life. Our vision or thoughts can often become clouded by the hustle and bustle going on around us that we often miss what’s right in front of us. We need to change our perspective. Take a timeout and reflect on God’s goodness. You might just find a butterfly in hiding in the process.


2 Responses to “Butterfly in Hiding”

  1. xandreverkes Says:

    Gorgeous…. such vibrant colours!!! 🙂 **

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