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Women of Faith: Imagine October 5, 2011

Filed under: Inspiration,Ministry,Women of Faith — Jessi @ 12:53 pm

At the end of this month, I will be attending my first ever women’s conference… Women of Faith: Imagine in Fort Lauderdale.  I’ve been to many conferences before, but never one for JUST women. I’m really excited and a  bit nervous. Large crowds scare me, and large crowds of women are even more intimidating. I consider myself to be a friendly person, but when it comes to making deep heartfelt connections with other women, they’re few and far between.

So a few things that I’m looking forward to at the Women of Faith conference Oct. 28th – 29th…

1. Connecting with other ladies on a more personal level…possibly producing a lasting friendship.

2. Natalie Grant and Mary Mary…Being led in worship by some very powerful voices from some killer artists!! YES, please!

3. Diving deeper into my faith so that I can more effectively share it with others.

4. Laughing so hard that my face hurts.

5. Speakers…like Angie Smith (writer of the new release What Women Fear), Sheila Walsh, Lucie Swindoll and Lisa Harper, (who’s book, Stumbling Into Grace, I happen to be reading right now).

If you’re going to the WOF conference in Fort Lauderdale, I’d love to meet up with you and connect.


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