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Share the Love #1 February 16, 2011

Filed under: Inspiration,Ministry,Wade Center — Jessi @ 10:23 am

This past weekend for Valentine’s Day, the small group that my husband and I lead spread a little cheer at a local retirement home. A couple of the college girls in our group got together with their friends and made homemade Valentine’s for the residents. We played Valentine’s Day Bingo and sang/played a variety of musical tunes. One of my favorite moments was when my husband Billy called out “boyfriend” as a Bingo word, and one of the ladies sitting up front asked him if he wanted to be her boyfriend. So precious! Caring for others truly is my passion. Thanks to my small group for helping make this special day happen! I hope this is the first of many opportunities we have to Share the Love of Christ to people in a tangible way.

Check out some of our pics.


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