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Ghostly Encounters October 17, 2010

Filed under: Entertainment,Holidays — Jessi @ 7:13 pm

This weekend our friends invited us to go on a ghost hunting tour of our city, Bluefield, WV. I get easily freaked out in the dark so add paranormal to the mix, and it makes for a long night of panic attacks and literally begging Bill to take me home. Did I mention I was the only one among our friends that was totally freaked out! They pretty much laughed at me the whole time.

Our guide was a true ghost hunter nut of 30 years. He had some device that allows “spirits” to talk to you, some motion censor thing and an EMF reader. It was really hoaky, especially when one of his ghost catching devices that catches unusual sounds broke, but our guide kept using it. What pushed me over the edge was when some lady got totally into the whole thing and literally hunkered down in a darkened bathroom to “play” with some ghost child. Abandoned buildings, crazy people and crazy darkness make me freak more than the possible ghost encounter which I think is a scam anyway!!

What’s your take on “ghosts”? Real or fake?


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