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Stop Praying September 24, 2010

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Bill’s and my friends started a home group this week and invited us to join. I love community so I was in. We are doing a 10 week study on Francis Chan’s Crazy Love dvd. Over the course of the 10 weeks, I will “hopefully” have a Friday blog post summing up that week’s discussion topic and my thoughts.

Last night’s topic was called Stop Praying., which focused on how our prayer life can often become routine. Francis challenges us to break free of the routine and see God in a whole new light every time that we pray. This exact topic has been one of my biggest struggles as a Christian. I am all too guilty of sticking with prayers that are often mundane, ritualistic and monotonous.  Here’s a few of my thoughts on how I/we can break routine:

1) Talk to God as if you’re seeing Him face-to-face

2) Ask God to reveal something new about His awesomeness

3) Changing the scenery (your favorite spot hiking spot, an empty football stadium, your closet, a park, etc.)  might help you to think about God in a different way and clear any distractions from your mind.

4) Pray to God with an open heart. God doesn’t need fancy words or want  our loud meaningless prayers. He wants our genuineness.

Share some more ways we can break the routine.


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