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Bucket List July 26, 2010

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I’ve been thinking a lot about that movie “The Bucket List” (love that movie) lately and how I don’t want to be someone who just goes through the motions of life and never fully LIVES. Even during the most tragic moments in the movie, Carter and Edward find peace and still manage to LIVE out  their bucket lists. I’ve shared a small list on here before, but I’m going to continually add to it and cross things off as I LIVE.

1. Have a small interior design business

2. Have a devotional at least 5X a week

3. Sing in public

4. Travel the world (Hawaii, Australia, London, San Antonio, Cali, Japan, New York City, Italy, Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Belize, Africa, Denver, Spain, Grand Canyon, New Orleans, ATL, Nashville, Niagra Falls, Alaska, Canada… just to name a few.)

5. Makeover my kitchen and bathroom

6. Learn how to snowboard, snowboard in Colorado

7. Read 3 books in a year

8. Cook at least 2X a week

9. Smile more

10. Not take myself so seriously (getting there)

11. Run a 5K

12. Run a marathon.

13. Design contemporary furniture

-Attend all 4 tennis Grand Slams/Majors (Australian, US Open, Wimbledon, French)

-Bike across the US for a cause, re-learn to bike

-Bungee jump, skydive, rock climbing

-Horseback riding (Jamaica Dec. ’09)

-International Mission Trip

-Start a group for young married women

-Eat sushi

-Camp in Grand Canyon, Yosemite

-See the sun set over the ocean

Marry my best friend (June 2, 2007)

-Live on a lake or near the ocean

-Fly in a helicopter

Swim in a shark cage

-See an active volcano

-Travel through the Amazon

-Speak to millions of women about marriage

-People I’d love to meet and talk to face-to-face…Michelle Obama, Conan, Louie Giglio, Shelley Giglio, Andy Stanley (DRIVE), Vicki Beeching, Candi Pearson Shelton, The Queen of England, Jon Acuff (DRIVE ’10), Chris Sligh (Sep. ’08), Don Miller, Andy Murray…

-Learn guitar and/or piano

-Host a satirical blog with my husband

-Use photography to write a children’s book

Zipline across the world’s longest flight line over water (Labadee, Haiti Dec. ’09)

-Backpack across Europe

-Record a single and/or full-length album

-See the Northern and Southern Lights

-Sing a duet with @BillWhitt

Visit Mayan ruins (Tulum Dec. ’10)

-Raise money to build 10 clean water wells in a foreign country

What are some things on your Bucket List?


2 Responses to “Bucket List”

  1. Abby Says:

    This is an excellent list. Especially the guitar/piano part! And the active volcano part… and the sushi part…

  2. What a terrific list! I have swim in a shark cage on mine too, scares the crap out of me.
    Good luck to you on completing all your adventures.

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