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A day in the life of a Wade volunteer… June 29, 2010

Filed under: Wade Center — Jessi @ 10:45 am

What do Applebee’s, crazy 80’s songs & a bunch of Wade volunteers have in common? This past weekend around 20 Wade Center volunteers chose to become servers, hosts/hostesses, dishwashers, etc. (instead of sleeping in) during our Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast in an effort to raise money for the Wade Center. I absolutely loved the enthusiasm and hard work of our volunteers… I think major credit is due to the constant flow of 80’s music (which some people knew all the words to… ahhem, Jennifer & Tanner Cline!) that was bumping out of the restaurant’s speakers. My husband Bill and friend Tanner kept the kitchen upbeat with their hilarious dance moves and karaoke! I wish I would’ve had my camera.

If serving breakfast wasn’t enough, some of our faithful volunteers headed over to our carwash fundraiser. I am so grateful for everyone who gave up a portion of their Saturday to serve. You guys are awesome!!


2 Responses to “A day in the life of a Wade volunteer…”

  1. Jim Drake Says:

    Good stuff! Sounds like y’all had a great time. May God continue to richly bless your work for Him!

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