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Surviving Date Night August 25, 2009

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This past weekend Billy and I did The Great Date Experiment: Great Date #5 which was all about TRUST. Little did I know how soon we would put what we learned into practice!

The next evening after our Great Date #5 I suggested we take an after dinner walk in the park. We arrived at the park with our dog Marley and decided to hike some new trails that the park made. Mistake #1 – Trails and Hiking should never be used in the same sentence.

We made our way over to a box that housed pictures of hikers and a map that had the trails marked out in colored marker and chose our destination… the blue path. Mistake #2 – Never follow a map that looks like a treasure hunt map colored by a 3 year old.

Five minutes into the blue trail I realize we have picked a straight up and down path. It  was a battle getting to the top, but I was determined to make it, and Billy was determined I could make it too! Once we were on the downward slope I was feeling pretty good about our hike, but oh how things quickly change. The blue path we were on forked off into opposite directions neither of which were blue! So what do you do when faced with 2 non-blue paths? Pick the one that is least scariest. I stayed pretty calm and was just enjoying the moment… I mean all roads lead to somewhere. RIGHT?

Walking a little further I notice daylight is quickly fading, but I still mosey along knowing that the gravel lot where we parked our vehicle couldn’t be far ahead. RIGHT? We eventually come to another fork that splits into several different paths, and nothing looks familiar. I start to get a little nervous because it’s almost dark now, but we have Marley with us so we’re he’ll protect us. RIGHT? Mistake #3 – Never leave home without a compass or GPS! I should have known that if I lose my car in Wal-mart parking lot then I could get lost in the city park hiking a 2-4 mile trail.

Billy and I both start to panic, and survival mode sets in. Next thing I know we’re kicking it into high gear to make it out before it gets completely dark. I scan the area for signs of civilization, but all I see are trees, trees and more trees! Billy thinks on his feet and calls none other than his Mom. What was her advice? Somebody call 9-1-1… Shawty fire burnin on da dance flor. Yes, it seemed our only option was to call 9-1-1. By then my mind was swirling with a million survival plans if we got stranded in the woods over night. This is where watching “Survivor Man” and “The Colony” would pay off!

Billy puts in the call to 9-1-1 and tells them our situation. Not long after Billy and the dispatcher begin talking I see something familiar up ahead and the sound of rap music feels the air… a gravel road. Could it be the road that is only a few hundred feet from the start of the trail? Yes, yes it is. I keep walking and trying to not get my hopes up too high because this could be a mirage after all… oh wait this isn’t a desert and we haven’t been lost that long.

We finally see our vehicle and hang up with the 9-1-1 dispatcher. Marley’s tired, I’m tired, Billy’s tired. We’re all tired, but we manage to laugh at our Adventurous Date Night.

Why do I tell you this detailed story? Because it reminds me a lot about how we go about life wondering aimlessly in the dark not knowing which path we are on, and the only thing we can do is place our FAITH and TRUST in our Lord and Savior. We had no idea if the path we were on would lead us to safety, but we had to depend on each other and TRUST God.

Would I ever go hiking again? HECK YEAH. It was the scariest and best night of my life!

P.S. But I won’t go without a flashlight and map!


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