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Tales of Long Ago April 15, 2009

Filed under: Art/Dsn,Inspiration,Me — Jessi @ 11:27 am

Growing up, I remember my mamaw taking me to her treasure trove of books. She and my papaw worked at a school, and when the school threw out the old books they would salvage them. My mamaw would let me go through the books and pick out ones that I wanted to read. I still remember the smell and touch of those old, musty, worn out books. I’m still captivated to this day by the texture and smell of books, especially those old musty books.

We took a trip into the bookstore the other day, and my eyes were drawn right to the Old World style Italian handmade leather looking journals! I’m on a journal binge lately. They just look like they’re waiting to be filled with tales of adventures on the open seas like Moby Dick or a classic love story like Anne of Green Gables or Little Women. What great literary works! For someone who has such modern design tastes I’m such a sucker for these classic tales.

If I ever go missing in a bookstore you know where you can find me!


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