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“Canned” Coffee? March 17, 2009

Filed under: Art/Dsn,Entertainment,Inspiration,Uncategorized — Jessi @ 7:47 am


So yesterday I did my daily ritual of checking to see if there was anything new on my fav blogs. Yesterday I skimmed over, and saw the image to the right. It is an advertisement for canned coffee. This little space is supposed to simulate the feeling of being a ski jumper which is somehow related to the tag line of this canned coffee. I was sort of confused as to why someone would go into that claustrophobic space just so that they could feel like a ski jumper. I thought nothing of it until I went back to this morning and read the title of the blog (Ski Jump Toilets in Japan promote Canned Coffee). This little space is actually a public bathroom. WOW! I think it’d be an awesome experience, but I’m not sure I’d want to buy the canned coffee afterward. I don’t think “canned” coffee goes with sitting on the “can” if you get my drift.


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