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Tennis Time March 12, 2009

Filed under: Entertainment,Family,Me,My Man — Jessi @ 10:21 pm
    My Tennis Pose
    My Tennis Pose
    My Two Men Enjoying the Day
    My Two Men Enjoying the Day
    Billy in Action
    Billy in Action


     We had a Be-U-TEE-full weekend, and today our 70 degree weekend weather has turned to cold and snow! Well it was fun while it lasted. Here’s where you can find us when the temperature is above 55. Billy is such a tennis pro, and I’m just a beginner, but I’m improving.
    Some guys ask Billy to play doubles with them at least twice a week, and it’s true that practice makes perfect. He’s always stepping up his game and pulling out some awesome moves that will blow your socks off!
    It’s so fun to watch Billy and his best friend play. They joke around and say that it’s like watching geriatrics play because it looks like slow mo compared to the big dawgs. HaHa. I still enjoy watching!


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