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“Think” Campaign March 10, 2009

Filed under: Art/Dsn,Entertainment,Inspiration — Jessi @ 9:06 am

School of Visual Arts “Think” Campaign

Clever advertising campaign for the School of Visual Arts encourages  people everywhere to “think” by giving them a place to write down their ideas.

School of Visual Arts: Toilet Paper
School of Visual Arts: Tray Liner
School of Visual Arts: Sugar
School of Visual Arts: Napkins
I think this is such a great concept! I’m not sure about the toilet paper one though! If the toilet paper is soft then it might rip while you’re writing on it, but you’re backside would thank you, and if it’s rough like sand paper then all I can say is YAY for ideas, but OuCHhh for the derriere! BAhahHAHA! Seriously, the idea just fascinates me! I enjoy doodling, especially when I get bored, so it would just tickle me pink if I walked into a restaurant and saw everyday items functioning as a piece of paper. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with the “Macaroni Grill”. They have your table smothered in that white paper and have the little crayons to draw with. Lets just say that Billy and I never leave the restaurant with a bland white table. I’m such a little kid, but it’s so much fun!

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