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Billy Bucks February 16, 2009

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One Billy Buck Good For A Dead Sea Mineral Spa Treatment

One Billy Buck Good For A Dead Sea Mineral Spa Treatment

So this is Billy’s and my 5th Valentine’s Day together (two of which we’ve been married), and Billy never ceases to amaze me. This year he did the traditional candy, flowers, and card, but he also gave me this coupon book. I looked through the coupon book, but I guess I missed the very back because Billy said, “Have you looked through your book?” I said, “Yes.” But he said that he wasn’t for sure that I had. I turned to the back and found “Billy Bucks”. It was so great! Billy had made these “Billy Bucks” (I wonder if they take these at the grocery store) that actually look like real American currency. I turned it over, and it read “One Billy Buck Good For A Dead Sea Mineral Spa Treatment”. He knows the way to a girl’s heart. What girl wouldn’t love a spa treatment!?! So I still wasn’t sure where this spa thing was leading, but after our Valentine’s Day dinner at the Outback, we got back home, and Billy said, “Are you ready to cash in those Billy Bucks?” I was like, “SURE!” So he went beside the sofa and pulled out this Desiring God bag from the conference in Minneapolis. I thought, “That’s weird that they’d give spa stuff away at the Desiring God Conference.” I had no clue what he might pull out of the bag. There was a manicure set, a facial treatment, and a body scrub treatment. Funny thing is… Billy hid my Valentine’s Day present in the bag as a cover up, and he had it laying right out in plain sight ever since he got back from his trip, and I never had a clue. I should have been a blond! Anyway, it was so sweet, but the best part is that he was the one who gave me the 5-Star Spa Treatment. He did my nails, helped me with my facial, and other spa like treatments. I love how he took the time to pamper me. It was so relaxing, and my nails and skin felt so soft afterward. I’ve never even had a manicure before (I’ve been so deprived!), but Billy did an awesome job. My sweetie is the best!


3 Responses to “Billy Bucks”

  1. Rachel Says:

    That was so sweet! Did you take that picture youself?

    • Jessica Says:

      The Billy Buck pic I took, but the spa pic was a stock photo. I was going to take a pic of all the stuff that he got me, but my camera battery was low, and I just couldn’t wait to share my post about V-Day with the blog world!

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