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I Want That! February 8, 2009

Filed under: Art/Dsn,Me — Jessi @ 5:39 am

610px-holt_renfrew_mannequinsHave you ever seen something, and been like, “I’ve gotta have that!” I was like that the other day, when Billy and I happened by Goody’s. They’re having a going out of business sale, and when we walked in the front door there was a poster that read, “All Fixtures For Sale.” I took one look, and was like, “I Want That.” They had all of their showroom mannequins out for sale. Can’t you just see the looks on our guests’ faces when they walk through our door and see a mannequin staring right at them! I know it’s a little freaky, but I’ve always wanted one, and I think it would be such a funky little piece of art! Billy said, “Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about not having any closet space.” I love it!


What’s something that you’ve seen and immediately said, “I Want That!”?


2 Responses to “I Want That!”

  1. I think it would be so fun! Love it! Did you get it? H

    • Jessica Says:

      Unfortunately, we didn’t buy it, YET! The price was a little bit too high for something that is supposed to be on sale. I’m such a cheap skate! But, I’m keeping my eye out for the prices to decrease some more.

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