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Home Alone Part I February 4, 2009

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Billy has been at the Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis since Monday. He gets back today, and I am so ecstatic. This is the first time that we’ve been apart since we’ve been married, and it sucked monkey balls… Sorry that’s my favorite quote lately. I give props to the stay at home moms and wives of traveling artists, conference speakers, and all the other job fields that require you to be away from the people you love for an extended period of time. It takes a strong and fearless woman to keep the home fires burning while her man is on the road, and let me just say I’m not one of those women. I am the biggest weenie you’ve ever seen. I’ll go around the house, turn on every single light (forget electric bills, I want to be able to see those robbers and aliens. lol), check the doors, and re-check the doors. I’ll think of people I can call on my cell (after 9 PM of course because that’s when I get free minutes) and bug them for however long they’ll put up with me. I’ll deliberately stay up late and watch tv until I get so tired that my body forces itself to sleep. It’s hilarious when I think about it, but at the time it seems so… so logical. So this week I faced my fear (YAY – What?! A.K.A cocaine), and it wasn’t that bad, but I’ll take the comfort of having my man around over scary nights alone any day of the week.


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