Organized Chaos

Life as an Associate Pastor's wife: community, family and God

And The Winner Is… January 19, 2009

Filed under: My Man — Jessi @ 8:20 am

So this past week Carlos Whittaker was giving away tickets to the Desiring God Conference with John Piper in Minneapolis, MN. We were out eating with some friends when Billy and I got to talking about Carlos’s giveaway, and Billy’s friend asked him if he was going to the conference. I think we just sort of laughed because there’s so much stuff going on this year like family vacations, a friend’s wedding, and some other things that we’d like to do as well, but deep down I knew Billy would love to have a chance to go to the conference because he always talks about John Piper, and these sorts of things energize him and inspire him. I was planning on entering for him, but I figured there was no chance that I’d win, but Billy beat me to the punch. How lucky is he!


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