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Contemplation # 4 January 12, 2009

Filed under: Midnight Reflections — Jessi @ 12:35 pm

The other day Billy and I were watching these youtube videos of people who claim to be “faith healers”, and as a Christian I was appalled by how many people believed in this stuff. I don’t know your view on the issue, but I’m somewhere in the middle on the issue if not a little toward the other side. Don’t get me wrong I believe miracles happen, and Jesus and His followers performed miracles, but I think the main reason Jesus performed miracles can be seen in Mark 2. In the beginning of this chapter some men bring a paralyzed man to Jesus, and He tells the man that his sins are forgiven because of their faith. The Pharisees saw this and asked themselves how he had the right to forgive sins because only God in heaven could do that. Jesus knew that’s what they were thinking so He told the man to get up, take your mat, and go on your way home. This was to show that the Son of Man had the power to forgive sins here on earth.

I think people today are looking for a quick fix, and that’s why these self-proclaimed “faith healers” are so appealing. My thoughts are this, if we have placed our trust and faith in God, then don’t we have the ability to heal just as much as these people who get up on stage and yell a few “BAM, BAMS” as the person falls immediately to the ground. In Matthew 17 Jesus tells his Disciples that if they have faith as small as a mustard seed, then they can say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move. So why do so many people believe these “faith healers” are the only ones with a direct line to God. I’m just a little skeptical of the true motives of these types of people.

So whether these “faith healers” are real or false only God and they know, but I urge you to do your own research, and don’t just rely on my opinion. I just think that the main reason Jesus performed miracles in his time was to show others who He truly was, but I think today a lot of these people who claim to have healing powers and claim to be prophets and prophetesses are putting on a show and do it for their own glory. I mean just listen to some of the things they say and watch their actions. Did Jesus and His followers go around shaking their heads like a tazmanian devil and yelling nonsense and use words like “BAM” be healed?! I don’t see much support for it in the Bible. That’s more characteristic of demonic possession.

Whatever your opinion is on the issue, I hope you choose to place your faith in the One true God and not some person who claims to have the one stop cure it all shop or anyone else or anything for that matter.


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