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“Whatever” January 8, 2009

Filed under: My Man — Jessi @ 4:21 pm

So this Sunday at worship Billy filled in for our regular pastor. Billy gets to preach about once a month to once every two months. After every one of his sermons I wait in anticipation for the next one. He’s always bringing a new and fresh way to understand our never changing God and Scriptures. How do you bring a message that people can relate to, but also doesn’t dismantle the integrity of the Scriptures? I think this is one of the hardest things to do when you’re teaching or preaching, especially because being in a position like this makes you the center of critiquing. Most every one of Billy’s sermons is a surprise to me too. He gives me glimpses of what he might talk about or do, but I think I’m just as captivated as others if not more by his sermon illustrations. This past week’s has still stuck with me. “Everything is permissible, but everything is not beneficial.” Since his sermon I’ve really been trying to look deep down to the root of who I am and say, “What needs to change in me?”… “Is what I’m doing really glorifying God?”… “Am I a stumbling block for others?”… “Am I doing things that are not illegal, but are also not beneficial?”… etc.

I don’t want to give away too much about his sermon and illustration because I want you to check it out for yourself, and let me know if you don’t come up with a better way to understand God and Scripture.

Check out my man’s sermon.


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