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“Momma Drama” January 6, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jessi @ 4:20 pm

Are there any other reality tv show fans out there besides my man and me? We’ve seen them all. The latest and greatest reality show on right now has to be “Momma’s Boys”. We are seriously addicted. Just so you know how addicted we are…  The show comes on Monday nights at 10, and I’d normally be in bed by then, but I’ll sacrifice a few zzz’s just to see the drama on this show. It’s one of those shows that is so crazy that you can’t stop watching. It’s about these three guys who are trying to find love, but the twist is that the guy’s mothers are involved and living in the house with all the girls. It’s great! The stuff that goes on on this show is like a soap opera, and most of it is from the moms, A.K.A. “Momma Drama”. On the last episode one mom demanded to spy on her son’s private date night. I mean it’s crazy, and I think, “Does this stuff really go on in the real world?” I’m sure it’s been over exaggerated, but I know women who act like this in real life on a smaller scale. This show makes me have even more appreciation for my mother-in-law and family-in-laws that God has given me.

So next time you think you have it bad just watch a few minutes of “Momma’s Boys”.


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