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Contemplation #2 November 25, 2008

Filed under: Midnight Reflections — Jessi @ 1:59 pm

So Sunday night Billy and I watched the AMA’s. We love watching these types of award shows so that we can see the latest in audio and visual technology, plus we get to make fun of all the crazy looking outfits and singers. It really is disappointing that nowadays a person doesn’t have to be all that talented to have a hit record. The AMA’s had all sorts of out of tune, just out right terrible, performances by big name artists. The crowd screamed and cheered and some even gave standing ovations. I was speechless, and not in a good way! That same night we went to see Shaun Groves perform at Bluefield College. It was a great performance by a talented artist and singer. It was an intimate setting with no big light shows or fire shooting out from the stage. Just a down to earth guy who loves to share his love of music and his God. He’s the kind of artist that good music is made of. I just don’t get it. I mean anyone with any inclination on how music should sound and feel has to know that it shouldn’t sound like the performance that Annie Lennox gave, and yet the audience seemed to love her. I mean I’m no genius here, but even my tone deafness can tell that that was a terrible performance, and her’s wasn’t the only one. I just think we often overlook the little guys in the music industry, and it really is a shame. Check out my man’s blog for more on this.


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